11 Must Read International Travel Tips

Travel Tips Road Warriors Recommend Ever dream of going places? Travel to far shores? Or are your fears of the strange and unfamiliar make you hug the shores of your familiar 9-9 existence? There are now so many places to visit as easier access and technologies have moved them closer. Information abound even about places we have not heard of in history classes. CNN and BBC are everyday competing to rum them through our senses. Now, the problem is not just fear of the unfamiliar but the too much information that make us fear. The "what ifs" of fear utterly defeat the "what could bes" of dreams. For those who still dream of the cedars of Lebanon, the silk of China, and the maharajahs of India, this lens will offer you tips coming out of your yin yang. But hey, don't just disregard them. Good trip preparation and planning cannot just be taken for granted. Get those stickies ready and post them on your fridge. Your trip success begins there. 1.    Travel Luggage and