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Balangan White Sand Beach – A Bali travel Sport which Worth A Visit

Whenever you are fantasizing about an amazing Bali travel and yet a cost efficient one, you need to be searching at the island nation of Bali. It has all the warmness and the right atmosphere for all age groups. If you are a party hopper or someone who just desires to discover on its own, the tropical isle never disappoints.

When you are in Bali island you have to check out the popular Bali Balangan Beach. This beach is known to everybody as the greatest beach for surfing the breaks situated on the west end of the Bukit peninsula just before Dreamland and ten minutes away from Uluwatu.

If you go uphill and find yourself moving by means of narrow winding crossroads and you could discover sign posts displaying you guidance to Balangan. Nevertheless travel experts state to just disregard the signs and head on for the seaside which is on the right hand side. At the entry of Dreamland, you might need to take a right and go down hill for about ten minutes. You might pass three roundabouts with sign posts showing you the way to the beach.

Do not expect the roads to be smooth since the plateau is constructed by limestone. If you like, you could get a car or a bike or hire a Bali tour driver to take you to the well-known beach, which is worth the journey and trip. While you are on the means to the beach, you could discover many sign posts offering inexpensive accommodation but still with enough amenities for an pleasurable stay. Popular accommodations, villas or homes include the Coconut Hummingbird, Flower Bud Bungalows and La Joya to name a few.

Regarding the Flower Bud Bungalows, this is what we ought to state about its services. The area presents Four bungalows all developed in a rustic atmosphere with a high concern on cleanness and good hygiene. The bungalows are comfortable and warm designed of wood and bamboo offering you the sense of tropical heaven with luxurious colorful backyards around. Most recent rate for the accommodation is just 250,000 Rupiah per night.

In case you get starving you could check out their restaurant that has pleasant and customer based men and women ready to serve you all-around the clock. It is owned or operated by a Balinese family and you might just love the peacefulness and tranquil this place presents, while you engage yourself taking pleasure in local dishes. Be prepared nevertheless to reside without air conditioning since the bungalows do not supply this facility.

Another cost-effective place in the location is the Coconut Hummingbird, owned by Takuro, a mellow Japanese expatriate. Customers staying at his property, speak highly of his relaxed and welcoming perspective. The Coconut Hummingbird does not has a pantry to serve therefore you might need to check outside for your meals needs. The fee for staying here sums to 450,000 Rupiah, which is for a double sharing room and inclusive of a tasty breakfast.

Last but not least, take a peek at La Joya, which is a elegant accommodation not too far from the prior two accommodations we reviewed before. It is manage by a French expat, her name is Celine and the area has 8 bungalows with a price tag of 800,000 to 3,000,000 Rupiah per night. The bungalows are a combination of the ancient and the new, eastern and western designs and attract many customers from all over the globe.

Enjoy the pleasure in beautiful Balangan beach.

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Car Hire in Bali - Perfect Your Vacation With It

Bali has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations because tourists love its unique culture, warm weather all year round and also its beautiful natural scenery. With most of its visitors coming via air, Bali is very easily accessible from any corner of the World. In almost every major airport in the world there are cheap flights to Bali almost every day and flights in and out of Bali are very massive and served by almost all of the major airlines. 

Hire a car from the first moment you arrive is a great way to explore this island and allows you to visit some untouched and undiscovered places, which will really open up your travel horizons. Head to a few kilometers inland and away from the bustling coastline to enjoy the picturesque countryside that spreads across on most of Bali. Medieval relics, villages with the Citizen's traditional culture, Temples on the slopes of lush green carpeted hills and discover other beautiful spots on the island while enjoying a trip down the winding, slightly narrow country roads. With a bit of planning in advance driving in Bali can be very easy.  So car hire is indeed the most realistic option for you.  

Here are some valuable tips on the Do and Don'ts of car hire in Bali.  

1. Planning:  

With a trip itinerary in your hand, you would not want to end up stranded at the airport with no clue of how to go around the Island or even reach your hotel.  Taxis and car rental services are plentiful at the airport and ready to serve you, but it will certainly take a lot of time to choose which one will suits you best because there are so many options available. Plus, you also have to avoid in getting stuck with unreasonable price quotes with additional hidden costs then you will be given an unreliable car that is usually done by unscrupulous car rental service providers. With prior planning, of course, that such things can be avoided. Avoid stress on your vacation by knowing the car hire services available in the area you are going to visit by doing research online beforehand. Find out to which company you should rent a car during your vacation by considering customer reviews and real experiences on the internet. To get a good price while on your vacation, negotiate for discount or reduction in price.  

2. Book a car:  

By differentiating and comparing all the offers provided by the car hire companies online, then you can make a choice. Compare the companies on parameters such as types of cars offered, car hire rates, mileage, pick up and delivery point of the car, insurance coverage, etc.  Get discounted rates or more economical travel packages offered by several companies (compared to ordering another car every time you reach your next destination) if you visit several places in one region. Some reputed travel agencies offer good deals on car hire if you book your entire trip with them.  When you are traveling, always remember to keep a hard copy of the confirmation as proof in case you need it later.  

3. Pay attention to the hidden costs:  

There are several factors that can come up with some additional costs such as if you choose a pick-up and drop-off area outside their coverage areas and often some car rental companies don't communicate such hidden costs to their customers. DON'T hesitate to clear your doubts about the terms any number of times before confirming. If you ask for the car you are going to pick up refueled or if you return the car with an empty tank, you may be charged an additional fee for it, which could be cheaper if you buy the fuel yourself.  

Insurance covers any damage to the vehicle while in your possession, adding up a good amount of money to your rentals.  While there are a few companies making quotes, all inclusive of insurance coverage, most companies charge an added insurance amount.   

Also sometimes your banks offer some kind of insurance policies if you use their services elsewhere, so check if car insurance is one of them. You might not need an additional insurance at all!  

4. Mileage:  

Some car rental providers offer, unlimited mileage, while others offer only a few miles free and charge the remaining. Customize your choice as your need.  

5. Taxes:  

The amount of tax that will added for car rental depends on local regulations. Thus it's always wise to check with your car hire service provider whether or not these are included in your car rental rates.  

6. Time:  

Generally car rental companies in Bali are 24 hour based which means you have to return the car before the same time with the time when you picked the car up on the day your rental end. An half hour delay in returning the car from the specified time / hour will result additional rental fees for the next 24 hours, be careful in coordinating the return time to avoid unnecessary additional charges. Try to ask for some discount if you rent a car for more than seven days.  

7. Car Type/Size:  

Various vehicle classes: economy, family, budgeted, 2/4-door full size and luxury cars are usually offered by the leading car rental dealers in Bali. The cars, generally, are equipped with a radio, automatic transmission, power steering and air conditioning.  Choose a car that suits your needs; If your group consists of only 4 people, namely you, your spouse and your two childrens, then a small car is sufficient. Sometimes you'll get a free upgrade, and you'll always save on the quoted price.  

Good service at good prices is offered by many famous Bali car rentals, even if you want to make your trip easier by renting a car in Bali with driver.  

Regardless of which area you are going on vacation to, be sure to read the terms and conditions, policies and others, more carefully before completing your booking, and knowing all the details of your car hire with the relevant company in detail.

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Nusa Dua Bali, Among the Finest Traveler Areas in the Globe

Although Bali is actually just a little isle in Indonesia, it doesn't quit the unique isle to be actually globally confessed as among the world's finest traveler locations. As a matter of fact, the appeal of Bali is actually in some cases greater than Indonesia on its own. The isle is actually abundant along with a lot valuable charm. Certainly there certainly are actually numerous type of tourist destinations that could be discovered anywhere throughout the isle, like coastlines, ponds, rice areas, as well as still a lot more all-organic tourist destinations.

Besides the lovely all-organic surroundings, Bali is actually likewise well-known of the important social heritage. It has actually succeeded in protecting the conventional methods in Balinese people's lifestyle. As a matter of fact, it has actually end up being among the functions of the travelers. Nearly all areas in Bali Isle have actually turned into worldwide traveler areas, consisting of Nusa Dua Bali. The location is actually popular for the exclusive centers offered certainly not just for travelers, however likewise for numerous worldwide occasions.

Place as well as Background of Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua Bali lies in Badung Rule, about 15 kilometres coming from Ngurah Rai Flight terminal, or even 35 kilometres coming from Denpasar. Certainly there certainly are actually numerous mass transit settings to arrive. They consist of taxi or even lease vehicles or even bikes. It will certainly get about twenty to thirty minutes of steer coming from certainly there certainly. Coming from Kuta, Nusa Dua could be gotten to in around twenty - thirty minutes. Whereas coming from Jimbaran, it takes about 15 mins steer. Those are actually coming from the southerly path of Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai or even referred to as as Jalan Through Pass Nusa Dua.

The label Nusa Dua originates from words ‘Nusa', which implies isle, as well as ‘dua', which implies 2. For that reason, it could be actually equated right in to 2 islands. This refers to 2 small islands at the southern component of Bali that are actually divided through white colored sand. Each islands are actually barren without any human lifestyle certainly there certainly. It is actually thought that the islands were actually the locations to dumping ground bad guys very long period of time back.

At the very early advancement of Nusa Dua as a traveler location location, it the idea of this particular location advancement was actually an atmosphere pleasant traveler area. As a matter of fact, it is actually the very initial traveler area in Australia or europe Pacific that has actually got the Fresh World, an honor coming from the Evaluator Assess Interact Develop for traveler areas that appreciate the conservation of the atmosphere.

Initially, Nusa Dua was actually industrialized through BTDC (Bali Tourist as well as Advancement Authorities). It was actually a completely dry as well as barren location at the southern of Bali Isle, up till being actually dealt with due to the federal authorities in 1970. The federal authorities after that industrialized the location right in to a huge traveler job to transform it right in to an exclusive traveler area. The location has actually been actually prepared to be actually an apart location coming from the regional lifestyles to ensure that the existence will certainly certainly not disrupt the initial lifestyle of Balinese individuals along with their society.

The High-end of Nusa Dua Bali as a Traveler Location

Nusa Dua Bali, consisting of Tanjung Benoa where the sprinkle sporting activities are actually industrialized, is actually an exclusive worldwide traveler area. It deals with around 350-acre location that ends up being among the is proud in Balinese as well as Indonesian individuals since this area is actually confessed as among the traveler areas along with the very best higher course resorts on the planet. Certainly there certainly are actually numerous special centers offered in this field. The territory includes big traveler hotels along with worldwide requirement as well as 5 celebrities resorts.

Certainly there certainly are actually everything about 25 elite resorts in Nusa Dua, along with an overall of 4,000 spaces. 5 starred resorts are actually status along Nusa Dua coastline, like Nusa Dua Coastline Resort, Ayodya Hotel, Inna Putri Bali, Melia Bali, Marvelous Hyatt Bali, Conrad Bali Hotel, Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua, Nikko Bali, The Westin Hotel Nusa Dua Bali, Club Med, as well as Swiss Marvelous Bali. As an special location, it's not as congested as the various other speeds in Bali are actually. The environment is actually calmer as well as extremely appropriate for those that are actually searching for tranquility as well as convenience throughout the getaway. Along with the exclusive centers provided in Nusa Dua, this location sometimes ends up being your home of numerous worldwide conventions as well as seminars.

The Tasks as well as Tourist destinations in Nusa Dua Bali

Nusa Dua coastline has actually white colored sand as well as is actually typically selected through site guests that truly desire to delight in their vacation through unwinding in the elegant resorts, hotels, or even homes along the Tanjung Benoa to Nusa Dua coastline. Certainly there certainly are actually nicely organized parks in the process, extremely appropriate to collect along with the household, running, strolling, or even biking. The mix of the clean fresh playground as well as the white colored sand on the coastline produces extremely fascinating surroundings. Nusa Dua coastline extends for around 5 kilometres as well as is actually the rear component of the first-rate resorts, like Novotel Nusa Dua, Melia Bali Vacation homes Health day medical medhealth club Hotel, as well as other.

It's not finish if an special traveler area doesn't have actually a golf club. Certainly there certainly are actually Nusa Dua Golf as well as Nation Club. Besides that, certainly there certainly are actually likewise numerous first-rate health day medical medhealth clubs. The majority of the elegant resorts as well as hotels have actually internal health day medical medhealth clubs, charm, as well as health and wellness therapy centers. Nevertheless, certainly there certainly are actually a lot more choices provided through health day medical medhealth club homes. They consist of as Alam Alang Bali Health day medical medhealth club on Mahardika Road. Tamara Health day medical medhealth club Bali as well as Health day medical medhealth club Sekar Langit are actually to label a few other health day medical medhealth club homes.

Additionally, there's Tanjung Benoa that ends up being the center of numerous various other sprinkle sporting activity tasks,. There's a strolling course coming from Nusa Dua to Tanjung Benoa. Early morning stroll is actually a a lot suggested task to begin the time. Certainly there certainly are actually numerous type of sprinkle sporting activities that could be performed in Tanjung Benoa, like plane snowboarding, watercraft, diving, parasailing, taking flight fish, as well as a lot more. Those tasks could be straight reserved prior to. Additionally, the resorts can easily arrange the reserving for you.

One more unique tourist destination in Nusa Dua Bali is actually the sprinkle strike. It is actually a huge sprinkle of sprinkle produced through all-organic shake wall surface along with a specific development that triggers the sprinkle to strike up when clashing along with the rocks. The sprinkle strike lies at Nusa Dua peninsula. The appearance of the sprinkle strike coming from range is actually extremely fascinating along with the titan white colored foam of sprinkle strike up to the leading. Nusa Dua Bali is actually an special area for travelers in Bali along with the centers that have actually elite requirement. It is actually an ideal location to resource for tranquil getaway along with the friends and family. A Bali car rental with driver is the suitable service to take you and your family to this spot. Check out more information about Nusa Dua Bali in this site

Essential Bali Travel Information for Newbie Tourists

Taking a trip to Bali is actually a desire trip for lots of people, however your desire Bali travel might wind up in catastrophe otherwise prepared effectively. The varieties of visitations to Bali is actually higher each year, as well as much more throughout top periods like Indonesian institution vacation, Xmas, Brand-brand new Year as well as Muslim's ‘Lebaran' (Eid El Fitr). Numerous newbie tourists wind up along with some issues when they show up in Bali, therefore they cannot delight in their vacation completely. While solo tourists or even backpackers might reluctantly invited all of them as expertises, individuals that travel along with households particularly youngsters will certainly certainly not desire to get that danger.

The typical issues in Bali travel for newbie could be different: poor resort solution, poor tourist guide or even individual chauffeur solution, chart that doesn't precisely reveal the straight place, taxi chauffeurs that bring up the get on, up till health issue that originate from the exotic warm as well as bugs (particularly coming from individuals that reside in 4 period nations). Newbie tourists, particularly those along with youngsters, should collect one of the absolute most helpful information to create their travel much a lot extra enjoyable as well as comfy.

Bali Travel Info for Households along with Youngsters

Travel strategies could be various in between individuals since you might likewise have actually various choices throughout your travel, however some essential info can easily create the distinction in between enjoyable as well as undesirable vacation. Here's some helpful info that you might discover helpful for your very initial Bali travel along with youngsters:

• Bali has actually 2 periods: wet as well as completely dry out. The wet period happens in between Oct as well as April, as well as the completely dry out period happens in between Might to September. Nevertheless, in some cases you can easily expertise durations of hefty rainfall throughout completely dry out period, or even times of no-rain whatsoever throughout wet period. Ensure you load coat or even layer, additional towel, rubber flip-flops as well as cleanse socks, simply in the event.

• Bali has actually mass transit, however besides periodic Perama bus, creating your method about could be challenging since the general public minivans are actually unusual as well as undependable in their routines. Vacation in Bali implies 2 points: leasing motorcycle or even charter a vehicle along with personal chauffeur (typically you pay out additional for greater than 8 hrs as well as for gas). Fortunately, a great Bali vehicle charter solution typically has actually devoted chauffeurs that ready in English as well as comprehend Bali effectively.

• Unless you have actually cash to remain at swanky resort or even hotel, don't marvel when you discover that the vacation home or even home you purchase has actually somewhat various problem coming from exactly just what the resort reserving site might reveal you. The space might be actually a little bit matured as well as certainly there certainly are actually little mistakes in the downpour caps (for example), however besides that, numerous inexpensive resorts, homes as well as vacation homes typically offer rather great location to remain.

• ‘Bali Belly' is actually a phrase been applicable to individuals (particularly youngsters) that expertise gastrointestinal issues due to the environment, survive, or even meals (certainly there certainly are actually a lot of hot meals in Bali). Manage the issue through carrying some probiotic supplements as well as beverage coming from mineral water if you are actually uncertain.

• Avoid thick denims as well as higher heels; you desire one thing comfortable for your Bali travel (unless you strategy to walking). Carry summertime clothe, shorts, Bermuda trousers, shoes as well as apartments for preference evening at great dining establishment. Prep a minimum of a set of appropriate, dealing with clothing if you prepare to go to holy place.

This helpful information will certainly create your Bali travel simpler to strategy.

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11 Must Read International Travel Tips

Travel Tips Road Warriors Recommend

Ever dream of going places? Travel to far shores? Or are your fears of the strange and unfamiliar make you hug the shores of your familiar 9-9 existence?

There are now so many places to visit as easier access and technologies have moved them closer. Information abound even about places we have not heard of in history classes. CNN and BBC are everyday competing to rum them through our senses.

Now, the problem is not just fear of the unfamiliar but the too much information that make us fear. The "what ifs" of fear utterly defeat the "what could bes" of dreams. For those who still dream of the cedars of Lebanon, the silk of China, and the maharajahs of India, this lens will offer you tips coming out of your yin yang. But hey, don't just disregard them.

Good trip preparation and planning cannot just be taken for granted. Get those stickies ready and post them on your fridge. Your trip success begins there.

1.    Travel Luggage and Packing Tips

It isn't how much but how little and how light

The self-destroying suitcase! The handle-less handbag!! The splintered hardshell! The 20-Kilo-when-empty mega-case! The one-trip-wonder! Haven't you had one of these? Funny to frustrating. And today, you undoubtedly have bags that don't make sense anymore in the new travel environment.

The concept of luggage has evolved. Quantity is still an issue...but today it isn't "How Much"....but "How Little". This really affects your choice of luggage. The search for that magic bag starts with looking for the lightest you can get at the perfect size to give you enough carrying space without taking you beyond the airline weight limits. Of course, weight is not the only concern when you choose your luggage. You probably have seen your luggage cracked or its zippers burst or probably gone with all your things placed inside the airline plastic bag.

Know that the soft-sided ones are the most expandable. The hard-sided cases protect fragile items that you might carry with you. However, hard-siders are sometimes heavy and can be cracked and shattered when handled in airports as most likely they will not be handled with care.

Nylon (1,000 denier cordura or the ballistic one used to cover bullet-proof vests are the most tear resistant) and polyester are the best materials as they are much lighter and can be treated to make them stain-resistant. Go for brightly colored luggage as it is easier to pick out as it circles around the carousel. Forget leather...the baggage guys won't be impressed!

2. Get travel insurance

Why have travel insurance?

You hope nothing will happen in your trip

You hope nothing will happen, but and if the husband and kids are with you, too, you are really tempting fate. At its most basic, it provides you with professional advice in case of illness abroad, covers all your expenses or reimburses you for part of them, anyway.

However, lots of travel insurance today covers more than that. It depends on what you buy. Some have a trip insurance provision as well.....lost or delayed luggage, delays and disruptions of your schedule, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, unauthorized use of your credit cards, financial collapse of travel agencies, and even cover your pets.

3. Make sure your international travel documents are current

And your passport has enough pages

Make sure your passport has more than 6 months validity from your planned date of return just in case you are delayed or rerouted. Get the necessary visas for your destination as well as other places of transit. Carry extra passport photos just in case you need to get visas for other places on the way or your passport needs to be replaced.

Moreover, get copies of all your important documents (passport, visas, credit cards, bank cards, travellers cheques, travel insurance, contracts, travel itinerary, hotels, medication prescription) and have a set with you in a bag separate from your originals and another set with someone at home. I know, I know. too much hassle but just do it. You will be relieved when you lose one of those.

Check border crossing. It is easy to get lost in some of the border cities of Europe and the road you are on is the road towards the border and you have missed all the exits. You'll panic if you don't have your passports with you. When you are traveling, always carry your passport with you all the time. Do not leave it in your hotel room.

If you're married, bring your marriage certificate. Sometimes, hotels in some conservative countries will not give you one room if you can't show proof that you're married.

Don't forget to check travel implications if you happen to have dual citizenship and are regarded as a citizen of the country you are visiting.

Know the entry requirements of your destination

Have the necessary requirements for international travel

Passport Holder Travel On Bag

Really handy for your important travel documents

Make sure you can easily access your documents at the same time have them in a safe and secure place. Anytime, security check asks for it, you can access it easily.

4. Register with your embassy in your travel destination

You can now do this online

It is now easy to register your travel with your embassy. This way, they will keep you updated and will have you on the list when something happens in your country of destination and you may need evacuations which, of course, we hope will not be necessary in your trip.

Don't forget to check your embassy's latest advisory on your destination.

5. Check International Travel Health Requirements

Check with professionals or your embassy's advisories

In some countries, specific requirements around health may be be necessary or some medications may be considered illegal so it is important to check these with professionals or with your travel insurer or your embassy.

6. Respect the laws and life of the local people

Just passing through for a quick peek?

Most of us scoot through temples, galleries, museums, heritage places, markets, churches, basilicas, architectural grandeurs of the past just for a quick peek. We often forget that for people this is where they live, worship, do their business and make a living. They make way for us because we bring the much needed dollars and the euros. Maybe, we need to think out loud: If this is your own home, how would you like your guests to behave? You hope that your guests will leave your home clean and only take good memories with them. Not bring your treasures home. Or abuse your kids.

But, maybe, sometimes, we just pause and ponder. Get to see how they live. It would even be better if we leave the place much better than when we arrived. Do some volunteer work. Support the local economy. Encourage people in whatever they do. Go green starting in your hotels and shopping. Bring a cloth bag all the time. When there is a problem, deal with it. Even at home, problems come. Offer solutions, not criticisms. Remember, it ain't all pretty. And even at home, sometimes, we can't deal with all the problems either.

7. As you travel more, get out of the tourist traps

Go to the local market, parks and talk to people

The local markets in many countries are always full of people doing all kinds of business transactions. It is crowded, smelly and noisy. But it is fun. It is the best place to people watch. It will give you lots of local color and more insights into the local culture. Next time you visit a place, try to get out of the usual tourist traps and just go to the local market.

Go sit in the park and talk to people: the vendors, the local people who sit out there because it is so hot in their homes or there is not much space to be on your own, or the kids playing around. Talk to them and know them better. There will be surprises...that they know not about Disney World...that they haven't heard of Florida and Mexico. But beyond this, just sharing understanding, life. Isn't this more satisfying?

8. Tips in choosing your hotel

Make your hotel stay a pleasant experience

Check the stars! Most of us look at the stars when we want to book a hotel to get some sense of what might happen. And now some of the top-enders have gone to diamonds to rate their properties in an escalation of exaggeration that is almost heroic. Don't bother about those 5 stars or diamonds..or half moons that many should use. What about the no stars boutique hotel that is a one of a kind? Blinded by choice?

First, ask your family or friends' recommendation. Surely, they will be honest to you. They will also know some of your likes and dislikes so can recommend better choices.

Check out reviews. I read through many reviews before I make my decision.

Check out the price range you are comfortable with. Maybe there are top rated hotels you might want to be in but these may make you empty the bank account. No. Enjoy yourself. This is your holiday.

If you are going for business, it is another story. make sure you book one close to where most of yur meetings are. Better, choose one where you can walk to your meetings. With unpredictable traffic, this is key.

If your stay is longer, book a hotel for a few days and give yourself options to try out other hotels. It is fun. With travel now limiting your luggage, you will not be hauling suitcases anyway.

Be clear about charges. If you have kids with you, find out what the hotel's policies are. You might have to stay in different rooms. Some hotels offer to provide extra beds for free. Others, for a price so check this out. Other hotels offer free breakfast with your room, others don't. Make sure other alternatives are there for internet connections if they are not free and for meals. Eating in hotels not only leave you with bland palates but deprive you of the hustle of eating places outside. Unless, of course, the hotel has the big M. Check out taxes and other occupancy fees that might be charged to your room as well. Keep the surprises to a minimum.

9. When you travel, think about that Carbon Footprint

Green your International Travel

No lectures required about carbon emissions, aircraft or the environment. Let's get right to how you can be a little more comfortable with your carbon footprint:

Trains instead of planes. You will see a lot more of the countryside. In Europe, North America, some of Africa and some of Asia, you can book sleepers and travel overnight. You can save hefty hotel bills if you schedule your trip right. And here is the usually end up much closer to downtown...often next to a you really reduce overall travel time if you plan carefully.

Planes, at the speed they are traveling, add tons of carbon emissions. But for long distance travel, there is no choice. So, buy carbon offsets. Some airlines offer these and even calculate the percentage allotted to you as a passenger in a particular flight. Carbon offsets are usually simply donations to support eco-friendly programs.

Planes burn more fuel in take off and landing. The fewer connections you take, the lower your carbon footprint will be. Of course, many times, airlines love bringing you to hubs and many of the direct flights are more expensive. Sometimes, we just have to swallow the price for something we value more.

On shorter routes, check to see if there are turbo prop aircraft (with propellers) working for the airline. You might see the word "Dash" in front of their numbers. These use much less fuel and the airline industry seems to be rediscovering them. They are nearly as fast (on short routes), quiet and sometimes go into downtown airports and save even more time.

Go to your gate on time. It is not uncommon for airlines before take off to be calling for one or two passengers who have checked in but have not yet shown up at the plane's entrance. Maybe, that bargain is just too good to miss. Know, though, that the less time the plane spends idling on the ground, the less carbon dioxide emissions they put out.

10. Tips on Travel Jet Lag

How to Minimize its Impact

Jet lag can whack you out for days if your travel makes you cross time zones. Some trips may be longer but as long as you don't cross times zones, you will feel better after a good night sleep. Despite people's claims, you can't escape the impact of a long trip. You can minimize it and prepare yourself not to stress over it.

Fight jet lag while you're still in the air. Drink lots of water, do some light exercises especially rotating your toes and walking in the aisle whenever you can. Add to this a constant supply of moisturizer for your skin and more likely you will feel less tired and stressed after your long flight.

Go easy with yourself. Do not do a million things upon arrival like attend a cousin's wedding, drive your mother to a ten-hour destination and visit your uncle who lives hundred of miles from the airport. Instead, take a walk to get a few basic groceries, check out a park close to the hotel, go to a spa and have a great moisturizing massage or just hang out with your favorite person. Unwinding is a do it yourself ritual one must learn and if you don't have one, this is the time to learn. Find some sunshine so your body can start adjusting its circadian rhythm. A breath of fresh air is probably what you need. The walk distracts you from dwelling on your tiredness and stretches your legs allowing better circulation in your system.

Give your body time to deal with jet lag. Some people take a long time to recover from flights because of the disruption of your sleep-wake cycle. It can take a day or a week. Not to worry. The body will get back to its cycle.

11. Know about your destination

Read before you go

One good practice before you go is read about your destination. Maybe some of us want to be surprised but let's face. You will not be happy if you don't find any transport in the airport or you miss out things because you just have not checked it out.